This is me: Krisztina Hirth, coding architect.

Software developer since 2003, always looking for the right way to build reliable, resilient and expandable software. Worked in all kind of teams, mostly in an agile manner, always looking for improvements and for ways to reach these. Big fan of feedback/customer-driven development, no fan of story-points or of “scaling agile frameworks” (to put it mildly). I consider the title “architect” an anti-pattern – not the role of course. I am convinced that the most important cell in an organization is a team and not a person.

From the beginning on clear and understandable code has been my top priority. But how should I know if the code is the right one? Will it still be the right one tomorrow? Will it last? After reading Code Complete by Steve McConnell and The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and getting the first answers on how this could work, one thing was clear: there is still a lot to learn!

This is how the journey has started, my journey on the Yellow-Brick Road (if you’ve never read The Wizard of Oz, it is not too late, give it a try)

The road is padded with books, people (some of them became friends, others not. All of them taught me something I haven’t known before), lucky chances mostly to meet the right person at the right time.

I don’t know where will this journey end but it is not important anymore. What is important are those people I met on my journey, the aha-moments, the fun we have in the (DDD) community. One thing is sure:

"There's never been a better time to be in the technology field, and to be a lifelong learner." (The Phoenix Project)